"Ethno theatre" Residential Complex (Pristina)


Type of Protection: Inventorised Date of Protection: 29.05.2014

Type of Protection: Under termporarly protection Date of Protection: 2014

Type of Protection: Under termporarly protection Date of Protection: 2015


This residential complex is built in the late XIX century, and consists of the following buildings: - Residential house GF + F - Residential house GF + 0 - Barn The buildings are organized around a longitudinal axis on one side or the other side of it. The houses have access along the longitudinal axis oriented in the opposite direction and whilst the barns entrance is oriented in normal direction towards the axis. The House GF + Fin Kukaj village belong to the apartment type buildings with open lobby built during the XVIII-XIX centuries. GF + Fresidential house was built in the XIX century, in Hysaj family housing complex, of the rural environment, and thus belongs to the type of construction of rural housing in Kosovo. The house is built on sloping land where the rear facade was in the form of ground, and towards the front facade a semi basement floor is formed. Ground floor of the building is built from stone carved linked with lime mortar, and floor and basement floor with mud system (qatme). The roof structure is wooden, four guttered covered with clay tiles. During 2012 emergency intervention while considering the original shape of the roof, new roof construction is set with timber from pine and reused material, fireplace is built and stairs leading to the porch floor lobby were rebuilt. On the floor, there are also set of new doors and windows made of wood. GF + 0 residential house built at the end of the century are built of stone linked with lime mortar. Dimensions of the base are 7.60m'x 5.15m. In frontal view it has a 1.20m wide porch covered by a roof. Four guttered roof covered with new traditional tiles. Barn GF + 1 built in the XIX century for family needs for storage of feed. Barn is within the residential complex. Built of stone ground floor served as animal feed place, and floor, where it is feed stored, is built of mud(qatme). There are four guttered covered traditional roof tiles. This residential complex is transformed into theatre, and part of the courtyard is transformed into open-air amphitheatre. Ethno fest is a cultural and artistic event, the purpose of which is to uncover and renounce ethno cultural values of the Albanian people in Kosovo through theatre performances, exhibitions and ethno-visual performances with archaic and contemporary character


Unique number: 004080

Name: "Ethno theatre" Residential Complex

Class: Ensemble

Institution: RCCH - Prishtinë


Country: Kosovo

Municipality: Pristina

City/Village: Prishtina / Kukaj


Postal Code: 10000

Name of Street: Fshati Kukaj

Functional type and dating

Type:Arkitektuale - ENG


Century: 19th

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