Saint Jerome cemetery chuch (Peja)


Type of Protection: Permanent protection Date of Protection: 02-240/58

Type of Protection: Under termporarly protection Date of Protection: 2012-2014


In Gorazhdevc village, inhabited by the Serb minority in the municipality of Peja, the Church of St. Jeremiah is situated. Church belongs to the type of churches with tray. It is built from oak timber and is well preserved. The church was constructed in the 16 century and is located among the village cemetery close to the large oak trees. Church of St. Jeremiah, which according to tradition is dedicated to Jeremiah, who was off the oldest tribe in this area. The church is small, buried shalow and size, is buried in shallow ground and built by light material. The church is of a rectangular base, with both sides of the apse pitched and taken by logging on both sides. The church's roof is low and covered with stone slabs of different sizes. Interior space is divided into narthex, the church's main and altar part. Ground floor is made of irregular stone slabs. The object size is: 8 X 3.70m. Wooden houses of worship are the work of self-taught architect and artist unknown, and are built in sheltered locations from old trees, mainly fruit trees. This church is as old sayings and it has been dedicated the holy prophet Jeremiah. In addition the church also has saved since then the king’s doors of the iconostasis of the 16 century, few icons, liturgical books and bells which are saved and kept for maintainance in the new church of the Holy Saint Virgin, built 1926 and situated very close. Around the church of St. Jeremiah are the cemeteries of the village which are in use by villagers. Church since 1958 is under the protection of the law no of Decision: v.E.K.02-240/58


Unique number: 002813

Name: Saint Jerome cemetery chuch

Class: Monument

Institution: RCCH - Pejë


Country: Kosovo

Municipality: Peja

City/Village: Village, Gorazhdevc

Locality: Gorazhdevc

Postal Code: 30000

Name of Street: Gorazhdevc

Functional type and dating

Type:Arkitektuale - ENG

Period: Modern

Century: 18th

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