The House of Emin Musa (Ehat Musa) (Peja)


Type of Protection: Permanent protection Date of Protection: 949/55

Type of Protection: Under termporarly protection Date of Protection: 2012


The Residential house of Ehat (Emin) Musa is located in“Halil Kasapolli” street, no. 9 in Peja. The house as the elementary need for shelter and safety represents the fundamental base of all constructions. The house delivers both in terms of architecture and function. It was built at the end of 18th century, located in the northwest of the parcel, but offset from the border of the adjacent buildings. The size of the plot is: 21X27m, while the house itself is 14X10m, with floors P+1, main facade pointing south. From architectural perspective, the house is typical of urban Peja, which has achieved an extraordinary level of plastics and shaping it to the need of people. Living alcoves, laterals and processing of different details are all joined as an extremely beautiful whole. It is an old townhouse of a closed balcony type, built for residential purposes. The house possesses architectural values with Albanian traditional elements. Mezzanine construction is made of wood, walls made of natural stone and bricks. The house was built by Albanian craftsmen. In addition to architectural values the building is also known with artistic applied values, presented to the interior of the building. The vestiges of previous century constructions in the town of Peja are visible in the architecture, typology, scheme and composition of the building. The building has suffered interventions and has recently been restored by the owner. The house was originally made of stone, clay brick, wood and is covered with traditional tiles. After the last war of 1998/99, the house was restored and the materiel used for construction is: stone, brick, wood and it is covered with semi Mediterranean bricks. The interior and the exterior are completely new but identical to the previous interior, which means it is new but it preserved its originality. The house is located in Peja cadastral zone, cadastral unit: 1159, possession list no. 890, a surface area of 5 ares 62m. The building is under protection since 1955, under no. v.E.K.949/55


Unique number: 002802

Name: The House of Emin Musa (Ehat Musa)

Class: Monument

Institution: RCCH - Pejë


Country: Kosovo

Municipality: Peja

City/Village: Town Pejë

Locality: Pejë

Postal Code: 30000

Name of Street: Halil Agusholi - Jarinë

Functional type and dating

Type:Arkitektuale - ENG

Period: Modern

Century: 18th

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