Type of Protection: Under termporarly protection Date of Protection: Tetor-2012, Tetor 2013,-Tetor 2014


The stone mansion is located in the village of Rogova of Has on the right side of the White Drin. Stone mansion was built in the XVI century by Hasan Aga Qeli of Demjan, who built the Rogova mosque in 1580 and Rogova Hammam (which does not exist today). The premise belongs to the type of three-storey stone mansions. The technique of masonry and structure of building material (stone, mortar, plaster, tiles), is consistent with the Mosque of Hassan Aga in Rogova, which can be assumed to have been built not only at the same time, but also by same builders. The primary destination of the premise was as residential facility, where the ground floor was used as a cowshed, first floor was intended for residents of the house while the second floor we have a men chamber. It is said that the stone mansion for a while served as a mosque, this is proven by the domes found in men chamber and this makes the stone mansion unique to the style of construction in Kosovo and beyond. Ymer Poga Stone mansion by all records is considered the oldest stone mansion in Kosovo. The outer walls are of stone material, while the roof cover layer material is lead and slate, which can be often found in this type of premises. Construction within interstitial space is made of wood, medium dimensions, since the dimensions of the stone mansion itself are of average size. Interstitial space floors are made of planks, while on the ground floor are from dirt. Vertical communication is done with the inner wooden staircase. There is a guest chamber in the third floor, with Voter between the walls opposite to the entrance, while the pre-entrance we have a sofa, which also has vortex. In 2009 and 2013-2014, partial works were made in the stone mansion in order to protect the premise from further damage. Interventions were carried out in rehabilitation of the roof covering, cleaning and injection of external walls and shelter. However, more conservation – restoration works are needed within this stone mansion, in order to become fully operational.


Unique number: 002611


Class: Monument

Institution: RCCH - Gjakovë


Country: Kosovo

Municipality: Gjakova

City/Village: Rogova Village-Gjakova

Locality: Rogova Village

Postal Code: 50000

Name of Street: Fshati Rogovë

Functional type and dating

Type:Arkitektuale - ENG

Period: Ottoman

Century: 16th

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