The St. Anne Church in Dunav (Gjilan)


Type of Protection: Inventorised Date of Protection: 2006

Type of Protection: Under termporarly protection Date of Protection: 01.10.2014

Type of Protection: Under termporarly protection Date of Protection: 09.10.2015


The St. Anne Church is located in the village of Upper Dunav, municipality of Gjilan . St. Anne's Church was built in 1938, the same year when the village mosque was built. This is the only Catholic Church in the municipality of Gjilan, which since 2014 is found in the List of Cultural Heritage under Temporary Protection. The St. Anne Church has a very good geographical position it located near the border between Kosovo, Serbia and Macedonia, and has an altitude of 800 meters. It has a well maintained courtyard, surrounded by poplars, pine and linden trees. Around 300 meters away from the church there are the village graves. The basis of the church is built from stones, whereas its walls are made of bricks and lime mortar. The walls are coated with pumice stones of various colours, surrounded by extended mortar with vents of fugal shape. On the left side of the entrance is its rectangular bell raised to a height of 12 meters. The facade of the bell there is a niche that is high roughly as the entrance door. Over the niche level, on four of the bell facades, there is a narrow window. From there, the bell gets narrower and ends with the roof which on top of it the cross is located. Above the entrance door there is a simple plaque on which is written the name and date of construction of the church "the St. Anne's Catholic Church, 1938". On the side of the entrance door there are two ceiled doors: before the recent renovation (2012) one of them lead to bell, while the other one was related to the confessionroom. Nowadays a narrow hallway was created from which leads directly to the prayer hall since the church is single-nave one. In fact,to acess the prayer, there are three parallel entrances that represent a kind tribelon, but without arcades. On both sides there are benches for people to sit, thus enabling a hallway in between for movement. The prayer hall ends with semi-circular apse as from inside as well as from the outside. On the side of the apse there are two supporting alcoves. In front of the apse there is a rectangular window, while on the side walls there are three windows, but the lighting in the church in general is not sufficient. On the elevated floor with two stairs which is located on the apse part stands the raised altar. The roof of the church is gable, while a lower roof belongs to the apse. The roof was repaired in 2012, when gutters were added also. During the last war in Kosovo in 1998/1999, the church served as a hospital.


Unique number: 000180

Name: The St. Anne Church in Dunav

Class: Monument

Institution: RCCH - Gjilan


Country: Kosovo

Municipality: Gjilan

City/Village: Dunav

Locality: Dunav

Postal Code: 60000

Name of Street:

Functional type and dating

Type:Arkitektuale - ENG

Period: Modern

Century: 20th

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