Fishekçiu family house (Prizren)


Type of Protection: Inventorised Date of Protection: 2003

Type of Protection: Under termporarly protection Date of Protection: 2014-2015


The House of Hizir Fishekçiu is located in Bazhdarhane neighbourhood, with the front oriented towards west. Near the house there are several other old houses: Rrekathati family house, the Agallari family house, Okçaboll family house etc. The house was built in the late XIX century, namely in 1888 and served for housing at all times. Foundations and part of the ground floor walls are made of river stones linked with limestone mortar, while the rest of mud, wall thickness is up to 70cm, linked with horizontal timber wood. Floor walls are built with bondruck system filled with mud, linked with clay mortar, where the thickness of the walls is up to 20 cm, while holding walls up to 70 cm. Constructions within interstitial space and roof are made of wood. Two guttered roof covered with Mediterranean tiling. Doors and windows are made of wood. The house has rectangular layout, asymmetrical two-storey form, with porch in the ground floor. Within the house there is a yard paved in cube stones, among which is the wall that divides the house into two parts, built in 1977. In the exterior is a facade crafted in neoclassical style, with some geometrical ornate (in the rectangle, triangle, and diamond shape), and the motive of the sun and moon. The facade is painted by the owners. In the interior there are the immovable devices: simple "bottle" attics, wood cabinets, old style shelves, wooden stairs, shelves, movable equipment, the bathroom basin, copper pots, a carpet etc. Today the house is still habitable. The house and yard are divided symmetrically into two parts by the wall and have two owners. The new house is built in the yard.


Unique number: 000505

Name: Fishekçiu family house

Class: Monument

Institution: RCCH - Prizren


Country: Kosovo

Municipality: Prizren

City/Village: Prizren

Locality: Bazhdarana Neighbourhood

Postal Code: 20000

Name of Street: Kosova

Functional type and dating

Type:Arkitektuale - ENG

Period: Ottoman

Century: 19th

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