Haxhi Ramadani Mosque (Prizren)


Type of Protection: Inventorised Date of Protection: 2003

Type of Protection: Under termporarly protection Date of Protection: 2014-2015


Haxhi Ramadan Mosque is located in the historic area of Prizren, built by Haxhi Ramadani during the XVII century. From the time it was built until now, it performed a religious function as a mosque in the neighbourhood. The complex consists of the mosque yard surrounded by perimeter wall that borders the complex from the street towards the north and west; the building of the mosque; stone fountain located on the northern perimeter wall; open fountain for ablution; sanitary facilities and warehouse. The building belongs to the type of neighbourhood mosques built with traditional technique in the spirit of folk architecture. Mosque holds prayer dedicated spaces, including the porch, the central prayer hall and minaret. The mosque has a rectangular layout, with multi- angular minaret, built of sponge stones. The roof is four guttered covered with tiles. The minaret has an average elevation, characterised by sherefe - circular balcony and geometric decoration in the form of arcs with craggy peaks in the bottom of sherefe. Unprofessional interventions made over the years have caused the loss of the mosque’s original structure, being replaced with a new structure built with modern materials. Minaret and stone fountain in perimeter wall are few original elements left over from this monument of cultural heritage.


Unique number: 000372

Name: Haxhi Ramadani Mosque

Class: Monument

Institution: RCCH - Prizren


Country: Kosovo

Municipality: Prizren

City/Village: Prizren


Postal Code: 20000

Name of Street: “Saraçët”

Functional type and dating

Type:Arkitektuale - ENG

Period: Ottoman

Century: 17th

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