The Haxhi Zeka Mill complex (Peja)


Type of Protection: Under termporarly protection Date of Protection: Tetor 2012


The Haxhi Zeka Mill complex The Haxhi Zeka Mill Complex is located in the northern part of the city, near the Old Market. The Mill complex, according to the cadastral records of 1934, was broad 45 acres. In compositional terms it consisted of mill, flour warehouse, granary, horse stable and the guest house, which consisted out of two flatted houses. From the complex built in the second half of the XIX century, the only remaining buildings are only the mill and the granary which were once connected with the bridge and adapted guest house for residential needs. This complex represents the first industrial facility of this type in Kosovo, with a mechanism for grinding imported from Austria, which initially worked with water assistance and then by electricity. The mill is constructed in three flats on a rectangular base (14x12x10 m). The facades are made of stone and brick, with curved windows placed in a rhythmic order and a crown at the end of floors. The interior is lightened very well. The floor and roof construction are made of wood. The mill mechanism is partly preserved, including the mill wheel located outside of the building. In 2004 the mill was restored. Currently the building is in good shape and has been turned into a museum, but it is used as an NGO centre. The granary is located in the northern part of the mill opposite to the main entrance. These two buildings were connected with wooden bridge in the upper elevation in order to perform its function. The granary has a rectangular base (15x7 m) and is built on three floors. The walls of the ground floor are made of river stones. The front facade has the most original elements, three windows and two doors. The windows are semi-curved made of finished stone with brick archway. On one of the side façade there is also a similar window with the one of front facade. The ground floor, as well as these two facades is the only remaining original structures of the building. The walls of the first floor and second floor are made with new bricks. The new gable roof has wooden structure and it is covered with new tiles. The wooden construction is built later on, based on the original design, it separates the interior environment in three elevations. The overall physical condition of the granary is very bad and as such is out of use


Unique number: 000008

Name: The Haxhi Zeka Mill complex

Class: N.A.

Institution: RCCH - Pejë


Country: Kosovo

Municipality: Peja

City/Village: City-Village: Peja

Locality: The Mill of Haxhi Zeka

Postal Code: 30000

Name of Street: Rr.Muharrem Sahara

Functional type and dating

Type:Arkitektuale - ENG

Period: Modern

Century: 19th

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