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The cultural heritage database is heritage in itself. Inevitably, cultural heritage represents a unique value of a given country. Registration of cultural heritage, along with its preservation and promotion, requires the engagement of all relevant stakeholders, state institutions, civil society and different stakeholder groups.

The vision of the Republic of Kosovo is to view its cultural heritage as a common value and to promote it as such. Its diversity represents an invaluable asset for us.
Republic of Kosovo is establishing the cultural heritage database for the first time. Its establishment and the provision of access to the public will be of great interest for the country's promotion and education, and for acquaintance with our past in different forms. The database will as well represent a referral point for information for many national and local institutions, and for the civil society, in their undertakings related to cultural heritage.

The database will provide substantial information for each monument, each archeological site, spiritual or movable heritage, etc.

Maintenance of the database is just as important as its launching. This space will serve any individual that wishes to learn more on the journey of our nation throughout centuries, site characteristics, their locations, etc. The database will be updated with additional information on all types of heritage.

In Kosovo, cultural heritage represents one of the most significant elements of its environment. In addition to proving our society's and country's identity, cultural heritage is considered a potential for the country's sustainable development and its integration in the region and beyond. Culture heritage comprises one of the country's main touristic treasures.

In the complex activity of the assessment of archeological and ethno-culture monuments and sites, identification holds a special role.
Similar to any other country, in Kosovo, such identification, as a choice and balance between past and present, comprises not merely a single act, but rather a long process which requires the engagement of numerous institutions and individuals. Above all, it requires patience and expertise.

Kosovo's cultural heritage database provides information on a wide spectrum of our cultural heritage sites, systemized as follows:


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The project for the development of this database has been implemented by the Swedish Foundation of Cultural Heritage without Borders CHwB.
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