Musa Efendi tomb (Prizren)


Type of Protection: Inventorised Date of Protection: 2003

Type of Protection: Under termporarly protection Date of Protection: 2015-2016


Tomb of Sheikh Kutub Musa Efendi is located in Tabhane neighbourhood, near the ruined Tekke, the Mullah family house and Ahmed and Bey Mosque. Tekke was built in 1575, whilst the tomb was built later. The tomb with the front is oriented to the east and is surrounded by yards from two sides. Nearby there is a perennial oak. It is built on the ground floor, in the rectangular form, where its walls from the eastern and southern are original of early time, mud structured with timber wood. While the western wall was built later from concrete blocks and the northern part is surrounded by wooden pillars, closed with horizontal wooden decks. The floor of the tomb is paved with cement. Doors and windows are wooden. The structure of the roof is supposed to be built of wood and is covered with asbestos plates. Access to the tomb is from the eastern side, through a wooden door, raised from ground level of 25cm. Inside the tomb, there are 15 graves, with different dimensions. Large Rosaries can be found in tombs, some ritual tools, 1 musical instrument, documents written in Ottoman 1 test earthy, 1 wooden cater etc. The tomb is visited especially by the mentally ill and those having headaches, women who cannot get pregnant, and persons with judicial problems. During the first visit, the sick person passes over the edge of the door, lights a candle, prays and goes around three times around the Kubur of Mullah Kutub Musa Efendiu. The Sick go around three times with the saint’s rosaries and fro. The sick takes cup with water from the tomb and drinks it at home. It is believed that it is not good for water to be spilled in the ground. If the sick recovers, he comes back and brings coins, candles, towels etc.


Unique number: 000410

Name: Musa Efendi tomb

Class: Monument

Institution: RCCH - Prizren


Country: Kosovo

Municipality: Prizren

City/Village: Prizren

Locality: Tabakhane

Postal Code: 20000

Name of Street: “Rruga e Tabakëve”

Functional type and dating

Type:Arkitektuale - ENG

Period: Ottoman


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